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Lake Texoma Fishing Guide Marty Zamora

Marty Zamora is one of the best, professional, safe and experienced Lake Texoma Fishing Guides.

With over 30 years experience at Lake Texoma fishing for striped bass or “striper,” Marty enjoys creating fun and exciting Striper Fishing adventures, trips and group charters for his friends and clients from all over the world. As a leading provider of professional Lake Texoma Fishing Guide services, Marty takes pride in offering the best and most knowledgeable professional striper fishing guide services available. Dedicated to serving the needs of his customers each and every day, Capt. Marty has been a professional fishing guide since 1984. He has been fishing for almost fifty years now. He enjoys sharing his different techniques and knowledge with his customers. Capt. Marty loves to see his customers experience the thrill and excitement of catching the big  fish.

Marty guarantees  “We don’t just go fishing,… We Catch Fish!”

Marty is one of the only Lake Texoma Fishing Guides on Lake Texoma that takes the time to completely prepare your striper fillets before sending you home with them. This means removing the red stripe that runs through the fillets. This is the kind of attention to detail that defines Marty’s striper guide service.

Marty will provide for you all fishing boats and fishing equipment, live and artificial bait and all fish filleted and packaged. Call 903-821-8800 to reserve your fishing trip with Lake Texoma Fishing Guide Marty Zamora

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